Ways to receive calls from someone in prison & why pigeonly is the best to choose

Updated on 2/10/2023

Parting away from someone close to you is very hard, and if it is for a long time, the whole situation becomes complicated as well as challenging to handle. If your loved one or any close relative is far away from you least, you want is being able to talk with them, hear their voices and make sure that they are okay.

When they are away due to work reasons or serving the country, you can connect with them via cell phones or emails or faxes. However, due to any unfortunate incident, what if they end up in jail? Jails do not allow inmates to carry their cell phones, neither they have access to laptops or computers where they can receive or send emails.

How are you suppose to contact them? How can you know where exactly they are? How can you know that they are safe inside? Or how can you tell them that you are okay? All these questions can make anyone’s head spin, which can complicate already hard situation. Well, there is no need to worry about a single thing, when pigeonly is there to help you. In cases where all the conditions are against you, pigeonly offers a kind and helping hand.

How does pigeonly work?

For starters, let us see what is pigeonly is precisely? Well, it is affordable, easy and fast service app on your mobile which offers to give all the needed pieces of information about your person. The inmate search tools locate in which facility is your inmate in, whether state, federal, or country.

Once you get informed about where your inmate has been transferred to, you can then choose from the types of services offered by pigeonly. Collect Calls From Jail is also a part of the service provided along with the other services provided by them, and you can use as per your needs.

When it comes to targeting Inmate Calls, pigeonly can help you even when signals are jam elsewhere. Whenever the inmate calls the call goes directly to pigeonly, and then they connect the inmate call to your cell phone landline or on skype, the facilities provided by these services – can be canceled whenever not needed.

You do not have to go through a lot of paperwork or pay cancellation fees; all you have to do is just contact the website and cancel the facility.

You may wonder these services only to offer a talking convenience, or you can even take any add on services? You would be surprised to know that, other from offering cheap jail calls; you can also,

  • Provide money- though in jail, maybe your inmate might need cash, there are no bank transfers in prison, but with pigeonly sending cash to your inmate is an easy task. Also, you are, rest assured that the money you have send reaches to the exact person

  • Send photos– when an inmate is in jail, it might mean that he or she might miss the occasions or what’s going on in the family. But you can keep them informed as well as involved by sending the latest photos. When the images posted by you will reach your inmate in good condition, he/she will feel motivated and homely too.

  • Send Postcards- life stops for no one; it is a known fact. Especially when you have kids, you have to take them for the outing even though your partner is not with you and is in jail. However, you can send postcards from wherever you are and let the partner know that you are okay as well as miss him/her.

  •  Wish them with Greeting cards- birthdays, anniversaries are the occasions that are to be celebrated together. But if the former is in jail, there is no that way would happen. Least you can do is send greeting cards and help them to make their days better while in prison.

  • Informational Articles regarding changes in rules if any-  when a person goes in the jail he is sort of cut off from the outer world and so the inmate cannot obtain any latest information about current affairs.

You have been outside can provide screenshots from articles or most recent political development which he might find helpful in terms of getting out.

The whole process is quite an easy task, and you can upload the pictures or the cuttings of the articles from your computer or mobile phone to the pigeonly, and your work is done — all the rest managed by pigeonly. Your inmate will receive next day delivery of whatever you have sent for him.

The photos or articles will help them to survive through the lowest period of their lives.

The inmate’s visits are allowed once a while, and you can even send letters in typical courses, but between the visits and the letters, there is quite a time gap. You can fill these gaps by posting the photos and articles.

Going in jail is not the thing anyone wishes for, but unfortunate incidents do happen, and as a result, you are separated from your loved ones. Pigeonly makes inmate phone calls which are comfortable and in your budget.

Even though you are not together on a physical basis, you can still maintain contact and boost the morale of your partner.

The prison life is quite hard, and on above that the inmate may think about the time when he/she is released. Whether they will be accepted by their family, friends, and neighbors, how will kids react? In short, they are a bit intimidated.

However, your support and help of services offered by pigeonly, during jail time, will help them to start their lives with a new motive. They have the confidence thanks to the support from pigeonly, that once they come out after serving the jail time a new life with you which is full of hopes and dreams awaits for them.