Valentines day gifts for inmates

Updated on 7/6/2023

Pondering what to send your detained adored one for Valentine’s day?

Try not to stress – we’ve got you covered. Having your adored one incarcerated over Valentine’s day is never fun, or easy, and it’s similarly as hard on them. Reminding them they’re at the forefront of your thoughts is an incredible method to ensure their day is as yet exceptional. Here are 4 things you can do to make your loved ones day:

  1. Make them Valentine's day card!
  2. Be sure to read up on your facilities rules in regards to what the card can & cannot have on it. (Things that stick up from the paper, things taped on, and so forth.) Sending them a card and reminding them how you feel will go far this current Valentine's day. (For the individuals who can't send natively constructed Valentine's – you can, for the most part, send printed ones. Pigeonly will deliver one for you!)
  3.  Photographs!
  4. You realize they need to see you, your family, and what you've been doing. When you're imprisoned – you see similar things throughout each and every day. Getting selfies, family pics, authentic shots, cites, and so on will be so valued. Make sure to look into their facility on what photographs can and can't get through. (Sending some sexy flicks for Valentine's day will always fill their heart with joy – simply ensure they fit inside the guidelines so your prisoner really gets the pics!)
  5.  Commissary
  6. Though their basic essential needs are being taken care of, prisoners often need money to buy supplies such as supplementary food, medical supplies, stamps, letter pads from the commissary or to use phone, computer and get access to emails on a secure system. While inmates may earn an hourly wage after being assigned to a work detail in prison, the amount can be quite low – sometimes just a few cents an hour. While shampoo isn't expected to survive, it is a tremendous personal satisfaction increase, this is the equivalent for shorts on a hot day or sneakers when attempting to work out. Take a stab at going an entire month on two disposable razors and a lodging measured bar of cleanser. Even a couple of dollars a month speaks to an incredible jump in a inmate way of life.
  7. Open When' Letters
  8. ‘Open When' we're fighting, ‘Open When' you're having a hard day, ‘Open When' you're feeling naughty – the list goes on and on. Sending your inmate a letter to open when you're arguing, or when they want to feel extra loved gives them the opportunity to have something from you that they can open whenever the mood/feeling strikes. Write a letter for a specific topic, and put it in an envelope that has what it's about on the outside. (Example: Open When You're Feeling Frisky) Fill a large envelope with all of your ‘Open When' letters and send them to your inmate.
  9. A Magazine Subscription or Book
  10. Send your inmate a magazine subscription for something they'd appreciate – like a car magazine, food/recipe magazine or workouts. Around this time of year, many companies heavily discount their magazine subscriptions.

Make sure their facility allows for magazines to be sent. (Since they are from a publisher, though, most facilities will allow this.) Want to feel extra close to your loved one? Send them a book and pick up a copy for yourself. Read it at the same time.

No matter what you do for your inmate, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Make their day extra special – send them a greeting card , postcard, or photos, today!