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california Department of Corrections

The California inmate lookup system is an essential resource for individuals seeking to locate or contact inmates incarcerated within the state of California. By understanding the intricacies of the system, you'll be better equipped to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

How to Search for california Inmates Online

How to Search for california Inmates Online

Searching for a particular inmate in california is a fast and effortless procedure due to the wealth of free of cost databases available on the web. Exploring the data bases will ordinarily reveal only the names of those presently in custody. Even so, certain states do provide entry to past records. This information will allow you to check if a person has at one time been incarcerated and then discharged. An effective inmate search will mandate you to have a few pieces of essential information. As an example, you will need to know the correctional institution’s proper name or the state in which the person is incarcerated. If a search of state records does not reveal any details, that can be because that individual is locked up in federal prison. He or she may be located in an institution that does not make its information available in the data source.

County Jail Records in california

From the time a criminal is picked up by police and arrested, the state starts keeping jail records of the individual. Each agency after that, that handles the prisoner adds to the records. When the person has court dates, rulings, charges or sentencing, the record is updated. When they are moved to a new facility their information is updated until they have completed their rehabilitation and been released on parole. Every event that takes place during their prison life is documented and kept in their jail record.

How does the california Offender Lookup operate?

How does the california Offender Lookup operate?

california jail inmate search records are the paper trail that follows an inmate through the penal system. It begins with an arrest when charges are filed. Each inmate is assigned an ID, and then everything that happens afterward is documented and attached to that ID. California prison inmate search records are kept online and accessible by all branches of law enforcement to keep everyone informed of the same things. Prisoners often move around from facility to facility, and thus the need for strict documentation and jail records provide a trail so an inmate can be located quickly and easily at any time.

How does the california Offender Lookup operate?

Understanding california's Parole System and Numbers

california has a current inmate population of 4,026 with another 3,124 inmates on parole. 86% of the inmates in california are male; the rest are female. 2,173 are White, 1,336 Native American, 305 African American, 157 Hispanic, 16 are Asian and the rest unknown race. 42.91% of inmates are incarcerated because of violent crimes. 31.96 are there for drug offenses. California’s Department of Corrections is also responsible for 233 juveniles in detention centers around the state. 38% of California inmates are classified as low-medium for security purposes.

Brief Insights into california Criminal JusticeBrief Insights into california Criminal Justice


549 california Imprisonment Rate


199,000 Prison Population


154,000 Probation Population


105,000 Parole Population


4.0:1 (Black : White Ratio) 1.2:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio) Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate


4,100 Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)

california Correctional Facilities

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CAI Boston Avenue CCA

CAI Ocean View CCA

Calaveras County Jail

Calaveras County Juvenile Hall

Calexico Jail

California City Correctional Center CAC CCA ICE

California City Low Correctional Institution CI

California Correctional Center

California Correctional Center CCC

California Correctional Institution

California Correctional Institution CCI

California Department of Corrections

California Department of Corrections Main CDCR

California Exposition & State Fair Police Lockup

California Health Care Facility CHCF, Stockton

California Highway Patrol Lockup

California Institution for Men

California Institution for Men CIM Chino State Prison

California Institution for Women

California Institution for Women CIW

California Medical Facility

California Medical Facility CMF

California Mens Colony

California Mens Colony CMC

California Rehabilitation Center

California Rehabilitation Center CRC Norco

California State Prison Centinela

California State Prison Centinela CEN

California State Prison, Corcoran

California State Prison, Corcoran CSPCOR

California State Prison, Los Angeles County

California State Prison, Los Angeles County LAC

California State Prison, Sacramento

California State Prison, Sacramento SAC

California State Prison, Solano

California State Prison, Solano SOL

California State University Police Jail Bakersfield CSUB

California State University Police Jail Chico

California State University Police Jail Dominguez Hills CSUDH

California State University Police Jail East Bay CSUEB

California State University Police Jail Fresno

California State University Police Jail Fullerton CSUF

California State University Police Jail Long Beach CSULB

California State University Police Jail Los Angeles CSULA

California State University Police Jail Monterey Bay CSUMB

California State University Police Jail Northridge CSUN

California State University Police Jail Sacramento CSUS

California State University Police Jail San Bernardino CSUSB

California State University Police Jail San Marcos CSUSM

California State University Police Jail Stanislaus

California State University Police Jail, Channel Islands CSUCI

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility SATFCSP, Corcoran

Calipatria State Prison

Calipatria State Prison CAL

Calistoga Jail

Camarillo Jail

Camp Afflerbaugh Juvenile

Camp Challenger Juvenile

Camp David Gonzalez Juvenile

Camp Ellison Onizuka Juvenile

Camp Francis Scobee Juvenile

Camp Fred Miller Juvenile

Camp Glenn Rockey Juvenile

Camp Glenwood

Camp Gregory Jarvis Juvenile

Camp Headquarters Juvenile

Camp John Munz Juvenile

Camp Joseph Paige Juvenile

Camp Joseph Scott Juvenile

Camp Judith Resnick Juvenile

Camp Karl Holton Juvenile

Camp Kenyon Scudder Juvenile

Camp Louis Routh Juvenile

Camp Michael Smith Juvenile

Camp Ronald Mcnair Juvenile

Camp Vernon Kilpatrick Juvenile

Camp William Mendenhall Juvenile

Campbell Jail

Capitola Jail

Carl F. Bryan II Regional Juvenile Hall

Carlsbad Jail

Carmel by the Sea Jail

Carson Police Jail

Cathedral Jail

Central California Womens Facility

Central California Womens Facility CCWF

Central Valley Comm. Correctional Facility

Central Valley Modified Community Correctional Facility CVMCCF

Ceres Jail

Chamberlain Creek

Chamberlain Creek Adult Conservation Fire Camp 17

Charlie Byrd Youth Corrections Center

Chico Jail

Chino Hills Jail

Chino Jail

Chowchilla Jail

Chris Adams Girl Center

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison CVSP

Chula Vista Jail

Citrus Heights Jail

City of Downey Jail GEO

City of Hayward Police Detention Facility

City of Lodi Police Department Jail

City of Martinez Police Jail

City of San Luis Obispo Police Jail

City of Santa Monica Airport Security Jail

City of Vallejo Jail

Claremont Custody Center

Claremont Jail

Clayton Jail

Clearlake Detention

Cloverdale Jail

Clovis Jail

Coalinga Jail

Colma Jail

Colton Jail

Colusa County Jail

Colusa Jail

Concord Jail

Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall

Contra Costa County Marsh Creek Detention MCDF

Contra Costa County Martinez Detention

Contra Costa County West Detention WCDF ICE

Corcoran Jail

Corning Jail

Corona Jail

Coronado Jail

Correctional Training Facility

Correctional Training Facility CTF

Costa Mesa Jail

Cotati Jail

Covina Jail

Crescent City Jail

Crescenta Valley Jail

Crystal Creek Boys Camp


Cuesta Adult Conservation Fire Camp 24

Culver Jail

Cypress Jail


La Cima

La Cima Adult Conservation Fire Camp 42

La Habra Jail

La Mesa Jail

La Palma Jail

La Verne Jail

Laguna Beach Jail

Lake County Correctional Facility

Lake County Juvenile Hall

Lake Shastina Lockup

Lakeport Jail

Lakewood Jail

Lancaster Police Jail

LAPD 77th Street Los Angeles Regional Jail

LAPD Foothill Area Los Angeles Jail

LAPD Harbor Area Los Angeles Jail

LAPD Hollywood Area Los Angeles Jail

LAPD Metropolitan Los Angeles Jail

LAPD Pacific Area Los Angeles Jail

LAPD Valley Station Section Van Nuys Station Jail

Lassen Community Correctional Facility

Lassen County Correctional Facility

Lassen County Juvenile Hall

Lemoore Detention

Lennox Jail

Leo Chesney Community Correctional Facility

Lincoln Jail

Lindsay Community Lockup

Livermore Jail

Livingston Jail

Log Cabin Ranch School Juvenile Probation Department

Loma Linda Jail

Lomita Jail

Lompoc Jail

Long Beach Community Correctional Center LBCCC

Long Beach Community Correctional ReEntry Center CCA

Long Beach Mens Jail

Long Beach Womens Jail

Los Alamitos Jail

Los Angeles Airport Police Detention

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jail

Los Angeles LA County JailBarry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall

Los Angeles LA County JailCentral Juvenile Hall

Los Angeles LA County JailCentury Regional Detention Center

Los Angeles LA County JailInmate Reception Center

Los Angeles LA County JailLos Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Los Angeles LA County JailMens Central Jail

Los Angeles LA County JailMira Loma Detention Center ICE

Los Angeles LA County JailNorth County

Los Angeles LA County JailPitchess Detention North

Los Angeles LA County JailPitchess Detention South

Los Angeles LA County JailTwin Towers

Los Angeles LA County Sheriffs Office Jail System

Los Angeles LA CountyCamp Afflerbaugh

Los Angeles LA CountyCamp Gonzales

Los Angeles LA CountyCamp Holton

Los Angeles LA CountyCamp Jarvis

Los Angeles Port Police Jail

Los Banos Jail

Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Lockup

Los Prietos Boys Academy

Los Prietos Boys Camp

Lynwood Jail


Madera County Jail

Madera County Juvenile Boot Camp

Madera County Juvenile Hall


Malibu Adult Conservation Fire Camp 13 Female

Malibu Lost Hills Jail

Mammoth Lakes Jail

Manhattan Beach Jail

Manteca Jail

Margaret J Kemp Camp Girls Program

Maricopa Jail

Marin County Jail

Marin County Juvenile Hall

Marina Del Rey Jail

Marina Jail

Marine Corps Brig Camp Pendleton

Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility

Mariposa County Juvenile Detention Center

Marysville Jail

Maxine Singer Youth Guidance Center

Maywood Police Jail

McCain Valley

McCain Valley Adult Conservation Fire Camp 21

McFarland Community Correctional Facility

McFarland Female Community Reentry Facility FCRF

Mendocino County Corrections Facility

Mendocino County Juvenile Hall

Menlo Park Jail

Merced County Adult John Latorraca Correctional Facility

Merced County Juvenile Hall

Merced County Main Jail Facility

Mesa Verde Community Correctional Facility

Mesa Verde Community Correctional Facility GEO

Metropolitan Correctional Center MCC San Diego

Metropolitan Detention Center MDC Los Angeles

Mill Valley Jail

Millbrae Jail

Milpitas Jail


Miramonte Adult Conservation Fire Camp 5

Modesto Jail

Modoc County Jail

Modoc County Juvenile Detention

Mojave Jail

Mono County Jail

Mono County Juvenile Hall

Monroe Detention Center

Monrovia Jail

Montclair Jail

Montebello City Jail GEO

Monterey County Main Jail

Monterey County Rehabilitation Facility

Monterey County Wellington M. Smith, Jr. Juvenile Hall

Monterey County Womens Jail

Monterey County Youth Center

Monterey Park Jail

Moorpark Jail

Moraga Jail

Moreno Valley Jail

Morgan Hill Jail

Morro Bay Jail

Mount Bullion Adult Conservation Fire Camp 39

Mount Gleason

Mount Shasta Jail

Mountain Home

Mountain Home Adult Conservation Fire Camp 10

Mountain View Jail

Mt. Bullion

Mule Creek State Prison

Mule Creek State Prison MCSP

Murrieta Jail


Sacramento County Boys Ranch

Sacramento County Juvenile Detention

Sacramento County Main Jail ICE

Sacramento County Rio Cosumnes RCCC

Sacramento County Rio Cosumnes RCCC female

Sacramento County Work Release Division

Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility

Sacramento Jail

Salinas Jail

Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison SVSP

Salt Creek

Salt Creek Adult Conservation Fire Camp 7

San Anselmo Jail

San Benito County Jail

San Benito County Juvenile Hall

San Bernardino County Adelanto Detention Center

San Bernardino County Central Detention Center

San Bernardino County Central Juvenile

San Bernardino County Glen Helen Female Rehabilitation

San Bernardino County High Desert Detention Center

San Bernardino County West Valley Detention Center WVDC

San Bernardino Jail

San Bernardino Transitional Court Holding Center

San Bruno Jail

San Carlos Jail

San Clemente Jail

San Diego Correctional Facility CCA

San Diego County Camp Barrett

San Diego County Central Jail SDCJ

San Diego County Detention Bureau

San Diego County East Mesa Detention Facility EMRF

San Diego County East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility EMJDF

San Diego County Facility 8 Detention Facility

San Diego County George F. Bailey Detention Facility GBDF

San Diego County Girls Rehabilitation Facility

San Diego County Juvenile Ranch Facility

San Diego County Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility KMJDF

San Diego County Las Colinas Detention Facility Women LCDRF

San Diego County South Bay Detention Facility SBDF

San Diego County Vista Detention Facility VDF

San Diego Harbor Police Jail

San Diego Jail

San Diego State University Police Lockup

San Dimas Jail

San Fernando Jail

San Francisco City Police Jail

San Francisco Co Sheriffs Dept Administrative Facility

San Francisco County Jail 1

San Francisco County Jail 2

San Francisco County Jail 3 CURRENTLY CLOSED

San Francisco County Jail 4

San Francisco County Jail 5

San Francisco County Jail Classification Unit

San Francisco County Juvenile Hall

San Francisco General Hospital Wards 7D 7L

San Francisco State University Police Lockup

San Gabriel Jail

San Jacinto Jail

San Joaquin County Honor Farm

San Joaquin County Jail

San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall

San Joaquin County South Jail

San Jos State University Police Lockup

San Jose Detention Facility

San Leandro Jail

San Luis Obispo County Honor Farm

San Luis Obispo County Jail

San Luis Obispo Juvenile Hall

San Marino Jail

San Mateo County Juvenile Hall

San Mateo County Maguire Correctional Facility

San Mateo County Mens & Womens Transitional Facilities

San Mateo County Womens Correctional Center

San Mateo Jail

San Pablo Jail

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin State Prison SQ

San Rafael Jail

San Ramon Jail

Sand Jail

Sanger Jail

Santa Ana County Central Jail

Santa Ana Jail Bureau

Santa Ana Jail ICE

Santa Barbara County Main Jail

Santa Barbara County Medium Security Facility

Santa Barbara County Santa Maria

Santa Barbara Jail

Santa Barbara Santa Maria Juvenile Hall

Santa Clara County Headquaters Enforcement Division

Santa Clara County Jail North

Santa Clara County Jail South

Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall

Santa Clara County Muriel Wright

Santa Clara County South County Enforcement Division

Santa Clara County Transit Patrol Enforcement Division

Santa Clara County West Valley Enforcement Division

Santa Clara County William F James

Santa Clara Jail

Santa Clarita Jail

Santa Cruz County Blaine Street Facility Women

Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall

Santa Cruz County Main Jail

Santa Cruz County Minimum Facility

Santa Cruz County Roundtree Medium Facility

Santa Cruz Jail

Santa Fe Springs Police Lockup

Santa Lucia Treatment Center

Santa Maria Jail

Santa Monica Jail

Santa Paula Jail

Santa Rosa Jail

Sausalito Jail

Scotts Valley Police Lockup

Seal Beach Jail

Seaside Jail

Sebastopol Jail

Selma Jail

Shafter Community Correctional Facility

Shafter Jail

Shafter Modified Community Correctional Facility SMCCF

Shasta County Jail

Shasta County Juvenile Hall

Shasta County Marshals Jail

Sierra Conservation Center

Sierra Conservation Center SCC

Sierra County Jail

Sierra Madre Jail

Signal Hill Jail

Simi Valley Jail

Siskiyou County Jail

Siskiyou County Juvenile Hall Charlie Byrd Youth Corrections Center

Solano County Fouts Springs Youth Facility

Solano County Holding Facility

Solano County Justice Center Detention Facility

Solano County Juvenile Hall

Solano County Sentenced Detention Facility

Soledad Jail

Sonoma County Juvenile Hall

Sonoma County Main Adult Detention

Sonoma County North County Detention

Sonoma County Probation Camp

Sonoma County Sierra Youth Center

Sonoma Jail

Sonoma State University Police Lockup

Sonora Jail

South Gate Jail

South Lake Tahoe Police Jail

South Pasadena Police Lockup

South San Francisco Jail

Southern Youth Correctional Reception Center

Southwest Area Los Angeles Jail

Southwest Juvenile Hall

St. Helena Jail

Stallion Springs Lockup

Stanislaus County Detention Facilities Unit 1 & 2

Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall

Stanislaus County Mens Jail

Stanislaus County Public Safety Center

Stockton Jail

Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine Adult Conservation Fire Camp 9

Suisun Jail

Sunnyvale Jail

Susan J. Gionfriddo Juvenile Justice Center

Susanville Jail

Sutter County Main Jail

Sutter County Minimum Security Jail female

Sutter County Minimum Security Jail male

Sutter Creek Jail

Sybil Brand Institute for Women

Sylvester Carraway Ventura Fire Center

Sylvester Carraway Ventura Public Service and Fire Center


Who is incarcerated in california and why

One of the most common questions is just how to determine who is at the moment jailed. For the most part, a person is transported directly to a california jail immediately after they are arrested and will usually stay there until they are to be prosecuted. Of course, this is unless the offender is released on their recognizance or if bail was provided. If the person in question is found guilty, the judge directing the case will decide the length of time their sentence will be.

Before carrying out an inmate search in california, it’s useful to know how the jail system operates. It may not be required, but it helps understand which judicial process phase the person is in to be sure that you’re looking in the right jails.

Inmate search