Missouri Inmate Locator

Being sentenced to jail or prison can be one of the hardest times. Still, good can come out of bad things. One walks into the unknown when transported to a jail or prison in Missouri to serve time, but it is not the end of the world. At Pigeonly, we can help you and your family make it through a loved one’s jail time.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family

At Pigeonly, we understand how family members of incarcerated individuals are often the “hidden victims” of the criminal justice system. When your loved one goes to jail, you find yourself with little to no support to make it through. What do you do for the income which is no longer coming in? How do you talk to your kids about when they will see their mother or father again? 

When a loved one goes to prison, the first thing you need to do is to locate them. Our Missouri inmate locator will do that for you quickly and easily. It is the first step to taking control of a situation that could easily spiral out of control. Staying in direct contact with your loved one is a must in any jail or prison situation. 

Communication with the incarcerated parent is very important for kids. It needs to be stressed that they are not in any way responsible for their parent going to jail, that they will be able to see and to speak with them on a regular basis, that they are loved by both their parents, and that anytime they need to talk, you are there for them. 

What Pigeonly Can Do for You

Pigeonly is a small company that has dedicated itself to helping families of those incarcerated. We have launched multiple products to solve communication barriers between inmates and their families. 

For instance, if your loved one is being held in a federal institution, you need to find out where that is. Our Missouri federal inmate locator will do that for you, quickly and easily. Whether your loved one is in a federal prison, or a state, county or city jail, there are numerous ways to find out this information. 

Pigeonly will help you discover which institution your loved one is in, and you will receive their inmate number, as well as other pertinent info you will need to stay in contact with them. Once you know where your loved one is, you can find out the rules and regulations for that facility regarding the visitation process as well as other ways to stay in contact. 

Once you use our Missouri inmate lookup, you can also find out what that institution offers to your loved one, regarding learning opportunities for them. They may not have any idea what they can benefit from, now that they are in prison, but you can find it out for them. Our free inmate locator will help you find your inmate at any Federal, state, or county facility. 

With Pigeonly, there are many ways you can communicate on a regular basis with your loved one. You can send:

In-between visits, you can help your loved one to stay in the loop regarding family and friends. Keep your conversations on the light side and always include your children when you can. 


Corrlinks is a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved one who is incarcerated in prison. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), this system allows family and friends to subscribe to Corrlinks services. Corrlinks is a privately owned company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), the email system used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow inmates to communicate with the outside world. 

Pigeonly Helps You Help Them

Pigeonly provides you with ways to seek information on the institution where your loved one is being held. Many times, a prisoner will find it difficult to find out things about the place they live in. We give you the way to access a Missouri inmate search, so you can give them necessary information about where they are and what to expect. 

You want to do everything in your power to do right by your loved one. Yes, they are paying a debt for a wrong committed, but they can come out better for it on the other side, with your help. At Pigeonly, we give you the support, info, and resources to do just that.