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The Missouri inmate lookup system is an essential resource for individuals seeking to locate or contact inmates incarcerated within the state of Missouri. By understanding the intricacies of the system, you'll be better equipped to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

How to Search for Missouri Inmates Online

How to Search for Missouri Inmates Online

Searching for a particular inmate in Missouri is a fast and effortless procedure due to the wealth of free of cost databases available on the web. Exploring the data bases will ordinarily reveal only the names of those presently in custody. Even so, certain states do provide entry to past records. This information will allow you to check if a person has at one time been incarcerated and then discharged. An effective inmate search will mandate you to have a few pieces of essential information. As an example, you will need to know the correctional institution’s proper name or the state in which the person is incarcerated. If a search of state records does not reveal any details, that can be because that individual is locked up in federal prison. He or she may be located in an institution that does not make its information available in the data source.

County Jail Records in Missouri

From the time a criminal is picked up by police and arrested, the state starts keeping jail records of the individual. Each agency after that, that handles the prisoner adds to the records. When the person has court dates, rulings, charges or sentencing, the record is updated. When they are moved to a new facility their information is updated until they have completed their rehabilitation and been released on parole. Every event that takes place during their prison life is documented and kept in their jail record.

How does the Missouri Offender Lookup operate?

How does the Missouri Offender Lookup operate?

Missouri jail inmate search records are the paper trail that follows an inmate through the penal system. It begins with an arrest when charges are filed. Each inmate is assigned an ID, and then everything that happens afterward is documented and attached to that ID. Missouri prison inmate search records are kept online and accessible by all branches of law enforcement to keep everyone informed of the same things. Prisoners often move around from facility to facility, and thus the need for strict documentation and jail records provide a trail so an inmate can be located quickly and easily at any time.

How does the Missouri Offender Lookup operate?

Understanding Missouri's Parole System and Numbers

Missouri has a current inmate population of 4,026 with another 3,124 inmates on parole. 86% of the inmates in Missouri are male; the rest are female. 2,173 are White, 1,336 Native American, 305 African American, 157 Hispanic, 16 are Asian and the rest unknown race. 42.91% of inmates are incarcerated because of violent crimes. 31.96 are there for drug offenses. Missouri’s Department of Corrections is also responsible for 233 juveniles in detention centers around the state. 38% of Missouri inmates are classified as low-medium for security purposes.

Brief Insights into Missouri Criminal JusticeBrief Insights into Missouri Criminal Justice


735 Missouri Imprisonment Rate


41,000 Prison Population


37,000 Probation Population


18,000 Parole Population


4.0:1 (Black : White Ratio) 1.2:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio) Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate


590 Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)

missouri Correctional Facilities

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Cabool Police Jail

Caldwell County Jail

Calhoun Police Jail

Callao Police Jail

Callaway County Jail

Camden County Jail

Camden County Juvenile Detention

Camden Point Police Jail

Camdenton Police Jail

Cameron Police Jail

Campbell Police Jail

Canalou Police Jail

Canton Police Jail

Cape Girardeau County Jail

Cape Girardeau Juvenile Detention

Cape Girardeau Municipal Jail

Cardwell Police Jail

Carrollton Police Jail

Carter County Jail

Carterville Police Jail

Carthage Police Jail

Caruthersville Police Jail

Cass County Jail

Cass County Juvenile Detention Center

Cassville Police Jail

Cedar County Jail

Center Police Jail

Centralia Police Jail

Chaffee Police Jail

Chamois Police Jail

Chariton County Jail

Chesterfield Police Jail

Chilhowee Police Jail

Chillicothe Correctional Center

Chillicothe Police Jail

Christian County Jail

City of Ash Grove Police Jail

City of Aurora Police Jail

City of Bernie Police Jail

City of Branson Police Jail

City of Buffalo Police Jail

City of Byrnes Mill Police Jail

City of California Police Jail

City of Carl Junction Police Jail

City of Charlack Police Jail

City of Cleveland Police Jail

City of Clever Police Jail

City of Crane Police Jail

City of DeSoto Police Jail

City of Duenweg Police Jail

City of Edmundson Police Jail

City of Gerald Police Jail

City of Grain Valley Police Jail

City of Highlandville Police Jail

City of Houston Lake Police Jail

City of Kirksville Police Jail

City of Macon Police Jail

City of Malden Police Jail

City of Marceline Police Jail

City of Maryland Heights Police Jail

City of Moline Acres Police Jail

City of Neosho Police Jail

City of New Madrid Police Jail

City of Nixa Police Jail

City of Pacific Police Jail

City of Parma Police Jail

City of Raytown Police Jail

City of Riverside Police Jail

City of Rolla Police Jail

City of Sainte Genevieve Police Jail

City of St. Charles Police Jail

City of St. James Police Jail

City of Union Police Jail

City of Washington Police Jail

City of Weatherby Lake Police Jail

Clarence Police Jail

Clark County Jail

Clarkton Police Jail

Clay County Jail & Detention Center

Clay County Juvenile Justice

Clayton Police Jail

Clinton County Jail

Clinton Police Jail

Cole Camp Police Jail

Cole County Jail

Columbia Jail

Concordia Police Jail

Conway City Jail

Cool Valley Police Jail

Cooper County Jail

Cooter Police Jail

Corder Police Jail

Cottleville Police Jail

Country Club Hills Police Holding

Country Club Village Police Jail

Crawford County Jail

Creighton Police Jail

Cremer Therapeutic Community Center

Crestwood Police Jail

Creve Coeur Police Jail

Crocker Police Jail

Crossroads Correctional Center

Crystal City Police Jail

Cuba Police Jail

Curryville Police Jail


Salem Police Jail

Saline County Jail

Salisbury Police Jail

Sarcoxie Police Jail

Savannah Police Jail

Schuyler County Jail

Scotland County Jail

Scott City Police Jail

Scott County Jail

Sedalia Police Jail

Senath Police Jail

Seneca Police Jail

Seymour Police Jail

Shannon County Jail

Shelbina Police Jail

Shelby County Jail

Shelbyville Police Jail

Sheldon Police Jail

Shrewsbury Police Jail

Sikeston Police Jail

Silex Police Jail

Slater Police Jail

Smithton Police Jail

Smithville Police Jail

South Central Correctional Center

Southeast Correctional Center

Southeast Missouri State University Police Jail

Southwest City Police Jail

Sparta Police Jail

Springfield Police Jail

SpringfieldBranson National Airport Police Jail

St. Ann Police Jail

St. Charles County Corrections Center

St. Charles County Juvenile Detention

St. Clair County Jail

St. Clair Juvenile Detention

St. Clair Police Jail

St. Francois County Jail & Detention

St. Genevieve County Jail

St. Joseph Police Jail

St. Louis Airport Police Lockup

St. Louis City Justice Center

St. Louis City Medium Security Institution

St. Louis Community Release Center

St. Louis County Detention Center

St. Louis County Jail Buzz Westfall Justice Center

St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center

St. Louis Metropolitan Jail

St. Louis Park Rangers Lockup

St. Mary Police Jail

St. Peters Police Jail

St. Peters Rangers Enforcement Holding

St. Robert Police Jail

Stanberry Police Jail

Steele Police Jail

Stoddard County Jail

Stoddard County Juvenile Detention Center

Stoddard County Juvenile Detention Ctr.

Stone County Jail

Stover Police Jail

Strafford Police Jail

Strasburg Police Jail

Sturgeon Police Jail

Sullivan County Jail

Sullivan Police Jail

Summersville MOL Police Jail

Sunset Hills Police Jail

Sweet Springs Police Jail


Who is incarcerated in Missouri and why

One of the most common questions is just how to determine who is at the moment jailed. For the most part, a person is transported directly to a Missouri jail immediately after they are arrested and will usually stay there until they are to be prosecuted. Of course, this is unless the offender is released on their recognizance or if bail was provided. If the person in question is found guilty, the judge directing the case will decide the length of time their sentence will be.

Before carrying out an inmate search in Missouri, it’s useful to know how the jail system operates. It may not be required, but it helps understand which judicial process phase the person is in to be sure that you’re looking in the right jails.

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