Iowa Inmate Locator

There is no way around it, having a loved one who becomes incarcerated for an extended period has a huge impact on your life. Suddenly, everything is thrown into disarray. It is not just that they have put their own lives on hold for the next months or years, but it causes upheaval in your life as well. Spouses, children, parents, and friends across Iowa feel the negative effects of a person’s jailtime, which means, more than ever, it is time for everyone to stick together. You will want to stay connected to your loved one throughout the ordeal.

We understand how frightening and stressful it is when your loved one goes to prison. You may have no idea how to proceed with your own life once that happens. No matter what happens from this time forward, you need to prepare yourself, and your family, to stay strong through it all.

If you have young children, there will come a time when they need to be told exactly what is going on. You must ensure that your child understands that it is not their fault, and that they will be able to speak to, and occasionally visit, with their loved one often. They need assurance that no matter what, you will always be there when they need to talk.

The first thing you should consider doing is picking a primary way to stay in touch with your incarcerated loved one in Iowa. For many people, it is a cost-effective way to make phone calls or to send photos on a regular basis. Gaining as much control over the situation as you can, will work wonders for how you handle the situation. It may seem as if it is out of your control, but it is not. Pigeonly can help.

How Pigeonly Can Help

At Pigeonly, we are a small community that builds products to reduce the destructive impact of incarceration. In addition to our low rates, we also help to share photos, letters, and more. We provide you with an affordable, easy way to keep in touch with your loved one while they are serving time in jail or prison.

Pigeonly builds technological services for those who are overlooked and underserved. We have found ways to connect inmates to their families and friends, and we help to supply a network of ways to keep the doors of communication open for all. Our Iowa inmate locator will find your loved one quickly and easily.

Once your loved one goes to prison, you will receive very little information about their situation, unless you actively seek it out. The first thing you need to find out is where your loved one is being held. With Pigeonly, our Iowa inmate lookup will help you do this.

Whether you need to do a federal inmate locator for Iowa, or look up a state, county, or city jail, we give you a number of ways to obtain this info.

A Iowa inmate search will help you find the right location. Once you know where your loved one is held, you can uncover the rules and regulations for that facility. You will discover how to stay in touch with your loved one, the visitation process, and how to send mail. It is a good thing to find out what kinds of learning opportunities your loved one will have while in jail or prison. There are ways for them to learn and to grow, but oftentimes, they will not know about it unless someone like you tells them it is there.


Corrlinks is a privately owned company established through a relationship between a Corrections Agency and ATG. It is an email-based system that allows inmates who are incarcerated in prison to communicate with their family and friends. The company operates what is known as the Trust Fund Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS). This allows family and friends to use the system and subscribe to their Corrlinks service. Setting up an account is easy and convenient. Being a fee-based system, you will have to pay for the service.

Provide Support to Your Loved One

There are many ways you can provide support to your loved one while they are in jail or prison in Iowa. Visit them regularly, because being with someone physically will do wonders for their morale and yours. When visits are not possible, stay in touch through phone calls. Keep your loved one in the loop while they are serving time.

Pigeonly is a great way to help you find the services, support, and resources you need while a loved one is serving time. Our Iowa inmate locator is a start. From there, you will find lots of ways to make even a prison stay a positive experience that serves as a reminder that good things can come from bad situations. Contact us today if you want to learn more.