Boost The Moral of Your Inmate by Sending Books and Letters

Updated on 10/17/2022

Staying away from a friend, family member or your loved one for a long time can be a difficult time for both, you as well as the other person. However, if the other person whom you may miss, is away due to work you know that they are safe and busy with their work.

But what about those, about whom you can be concerned, are convicted in a felony?

How are you supposed to know or contact them? Well, there are inmate locator tools like Pigeonly who not only help in finding in which facility your particular inmate is but also help you in sending things for them like books, letters or photos.

If you know in which facility your inmate is convicted you can use the inmate locator tool Pigeonly to send the thing to the inmate. 

If not even then the use of the inmate locator tool is very easy you can find your inmate by providing all the information about your person and the tool will search its database for you and find your inmate.

Once you know the location of facility  Sending Books , Letters to an Inmate  through the tool is not only easy but affordable too!

The inmate you want to send books or letters should be allowed to receive them, as there are different rules of different facilities.

Before we see how to send them, let us see that what are the restrictions to the books or the letters sent from you. The letters or the books must not contain,

  • Any violent matter
  • Any sexually arousing matter
  • Any such matter that will affect inmates internal behavior
  • Any matter which can help inmate to flee from the facility
  • And so on

Now, about how you can send, Send Books , Letters to an Inmate in county jail , You cannot deliver the books or the letters personally, you can order the books from online services like Amazon, etc.

For the letters, you can very easily use the tool all you have to do is,

  • download the app
  • type the letter on your computer, mobile or a tab
  • and hit the send button. The tool will take care of the rest.

The typed material will be received on the computer of the facility, and then your inmate will be able to read the letter sent by you.

There is a lot of free time in the facility, and it is a known fact- the empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The books and the letters send will not only boost their morale but also they will know that there is someone out who’s waiting for their return.

Also, books, magazines, and letters are their sources to know about what is going on in the outside world. As life in prison is completely cut off from the outer world, those things that you send them will keep them updated.

In the same way, receiving any news about them can make up your day. Once you know that your inmate is safe inside and is holding their heads high in spite of a difficult life, you feel relieved.

You can  Collect Letters From Jail  in the same way, just download the print received from the facility and know about your inmate’s well-being.

The inmate locator tool does all work for you, no matter whether you want to send things or receive phone calls or letters.

The inmate locator tool can even help you to send the money for commissary in the facilities. The basic necessities are provided to inmates in jail like food, basic clothing, bedding, and basic toiletries. However, there might be some things that the inmate might need are provided in the commissary of the facility.

In order to get these things inmate would need money which can be arranged with the help of the inmate locator tool Pigeonly.

You can set up an account with the tool where you can deposit the money and your inmate will receive the amount through which he can buy necessary items.

It is natural to worry about your inmate who has been convicted in the facility. And you are ready to do whatever it takes to keep him motivated while he is facing the hardest time of his life.

You are in the outside world, and hence you know what is happing here, and so it is necessary for you to prepare him for the outside world, while he is in the facility.

So how are you supposed to help them, even though you are not been able to be physically with them?

Well, what you can do, so do your words can help them too! your motivational talk will not only help them in facing hardships inside the facility but also, will help them to cope up with the outer world once they are released.

You can try and write the Best Send Letters to Someone in Jail, that can keep there moral high and prepare for the future time.

You can write many things in the letter like,

  • About your work and life
  • If you have kids, about their studies and overall progress
  • If you own a house write about repairs done
  • Some gossip about neighborhood
  • Some current political affairs
  • Some entertainment news

Write about how much you all miss them and waiting to welcome them after their release. You can even mention some future plans or dreams you want to compete with them after they come out of the facility.

It is important that they should know that they have been accepted openheartedly and with an open mind once they step into the outer world. They should gain the confidence that no matter what they are not alone and you are there to support them.

In the end, it takes a lot of courage to stay in the outside world while your loved one is convicted, Pigeonly tool makes this process bearable and easy for you by offering a helping hand.