Connect with Your Loved One in a Correctional Facility

Updated on 7/6/2023

You would be going through a stressful time if your loved one was convicted and more so if you did not know which facility they are in. Not being able to connecting and contact them could be rather worrying.

If you don’t know which facility they are in locating an inmate can prove to be difficult. Fortunately there are online Prison inmate locators  which have an inmate database available and accessible to everyone. The feelings you go through when you lose someone you love is inexplicable.

If you have constantly been in touch with the person you may know which facility he or she has been remanded.

However circumstances may be such that you don’t even know where the person is. There is no need to worry in this case either because you can always do a nationwide inmate search to locate the prison in which your loved one is located. You can use the Prison finder   to locate the person.

Your inmate may be in any kind of facility, Federal, State or Country but search tools will help you to locate them. You can check on the Prison Search website   to be able to locate them. However you need some information about the person you are looking for. The online tool will ask you for some information about the inmate you are looking for.

These tools have a database from all the prison facilities so it will search from your given information.

A Prison locator  tool will keep searching from the information provided till the correct match is found. However, this can be rather time consuming. So, to narrow down the search you would need to provide as detailed information as possible.

The basic information like name, age sex is definitely important. Besides this if you know where the person was convicted and the current facility he or she has been shifted to would help.

The more the information you provide the easier the search. If you only enter the name and sex, the possibility is that there will be many others with the same name and same sex therefore though you will find the person it will take a lot of time.  Adding the date of birth will help to narrow down the search. However, there is no need to worry if some information is missing because the tool will still help you to locate the inmate.

You need to follow three easy steps in a Prison inmate search   tool to help you locate a loved one who has been convicted.

When you open the tool you will find a space showing   ‘search now’ on which you need to click. The device will then ask for information of your inmate. You will have to feed in details like the name of the inmate, the name of the facility he has been taken, the place where he was convicted and so forth.

Provide as much information as you have to narrow down the search. Even if you don’t know the details, don’t worry, feed in the basic information and the tool will run a search through its database and find the facility where your inmate is.

The next step is to ensure that the information provided by the tool is all correct. It could happen that due to unavoidable circumstances your inmate may have been transferred from a particular facility to another.

Fortunately the locator will help you to find the facility to which the inmate has been moved. The tool will also provide you the notification that the person is being transferred as well as the name of the new facility where your inmate is being transferred. However, you need to confirm whether the person is in the facility as shown by the tool before you plan to go and meet them.

The third step would be to confirm on the page of the facility, the name of which has been provided. You must go to the official page of that specific facility to confirm that your inmate is in that facility.  Once this is done, you can then obtain information about the facility like the ID number of the inmate, visiting hours and call timings.

You can also connect with your inmate with the same tool. You can make phone calls, send articles and photos and collect calls from inmates. These services are also offered by the inmate locator tool at affordable prices. You can choose whichever suits you from among the different variety of plans offered.  You can also send books, magazines, and other reading material or money to use at the commissary. You may also visit them in person.

Understandably the situation must be very desperate for you as well as your inmate if you cannot locate the person. You must remember that though there are only three facilities, federal, states, and country, but the number of inmates run to thousands.

Finding your inmate could be like looking for a pin in a stack of hay. Nothing of course is impossible and you will ultimately find the person you are looking for and once that happens you can contact your loved one according to the rules and regulations of the particular facility. Meeting your inmate relieves a lot of tension for both of you in these difficult times.

We have discussed about how to connect but we also must discuss why it is important to connect with your loved one who is in a correctional home. A family offers a feeling of belonging and provides support practically and emotionally. A family offers guidance and is there to listen to problems when needed. Once in prison these family connections get disrupted and fragmented. It really is not a healthy situation and can aggravate matters.

The reasons why a family should be allowed to interact is that being sentenced to prison means the loss of liberty and should not mean snapping of family ties.

Being connected provides the much needed ‘boost’ and lessens the possibility of a person becoming institutionalised. On the other hand visits from the family help the family, particularly children to understand the situation of their loved ones.

Often, being incarcerated causes family ties to be broken, which will not happen with prison visits making it more likely that when the prisoner is released they are better able to integrate into society and this would mean they would be less likely to reoffend.

Every prisoner played a role in his family and regular visits or connecting with the family helps to maintain that identity. This keeps the families together helping to prevent intergenerational offence in the long run.

Now you know that it is not impossible to connect with your loved one in prison and you also know the importance of connecting with them. So if this unfortunate event ever takes place don’t hesitate to locate your loved one and connect with them.