Corrlinks – How to send email to a Federal Inmate

Updated on 8/1/2023


How to contact a federal inmate

Contacting federal inmates might be the easiest out of county jails & state prisons.

The reason we at Pigeonly say that is because connecting families and friends with inmates in federal prisons is how Pigeonly started and you don’t have to sign up with so many different organizations just to get started.

In this article, we will be going over different ways to contact a federal inmate.

Sending pictures to federal inmates , how to get cheap jail callsfrom federal inmates as well as how Corrlinks works.

CorrLinks is a privately owned company established through a relationship between a Corrections Agency and ATG, an email based system that allows inmates who are unfortunately incarcerated in prison to communicate with their friends and families.

The company operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) which allows friends and families to use the system and subscribe to the CorrLinks service, being a fee-based system inmates need to pay in order to send or receive mail.

Setting up an account is very convenient and once you are a part of our family sending and receiving mails from your loved ones will become your second nature.

Their products and Services integrate seamlessly to deliver security, financial value, and ease of operations for their valued customers. CorrLinks understand the communication barrier which is why they provide direct email access to federal inmates.

The CorrLinks email mailing system has been around for a few years now and encourage everyone to be a part of their family, they offer good rates in order to provide the financial saving for the family of an inmate .

Using CorrLinks is much more cost effective as it is much cheaper than using the phone by paying just $0.05 per minute inmates can use their services and messages can be printed at the cost of $0.15 per page.

CorrLinks is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your loved ones, to get started you need to create an account which is quite a simple process.

The first thing you have to do is have an email address in order to login, after filling all the essential details you have to wait for 30-35 minutes for your account to be approved.

Once your account has been approved, you can start using their services and send or receive message to your inmate.

All communications are monitored by the institute housing an inmate for security reasons so there can be a delay in your message.

With your account you can add inmates with whom you wish to communicate.

CorrLinks request their customers to be careful with their messages as institutions house has the final authority for the delivery of messages after reviewing it.

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Due to staff monitoring, messages to an inmate take around an hour to be delivered. Messages from an inmate to an outside contact take around 20 minutes to be delivered to an outside contact’s inbox.

if your messages are not delivered it might have been held up or rejected by the institution for security reasons and therefore fee will not be refunded as the fee charged by them is the cost of transporting the message to the facility.

Their customers can pay for the services through Credit Cards which are password protected.

Federal inmate text messages

CorrLinks also offer a federal inmate text messages which has been introduced keeping all generation and financial situations of families of an inmate who cannot afford or is not equipped to use email mailing system.

It allows messages to be sent and receive directly to phones using only messaging services and is compatible with these carriers, which are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile.

You are required to enter a credit card to pay for the service.

Your inmate will send you message via the email service available at their institute which deliver on your phone in the form of text message, the system defaults to send only the first 150 characters of the message, however if the message is long you have an option to receive up to the first 1000 characters through 8 text messages.

Federal inmate phone calls

Receiving calls from an inmate at a federal prison is simple and easy once you start doing your research. We will explain it as short and easy as possible. All the calls an inmate in a federal facility is paid thru the inmate commissary acccount.

Loved ones in the outside aren’t able to pay for the calls.

A way to pay for the calls would be by you depositing money to their books.

Now some people claim that they’re paying a high rate per minute, at Pigeonly we help people lower the calling rates to 6 cents per minute. Customers usually save $60 a month.

It might not make much difference but it can help towards paying something else.

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Costs range from $6/month up to $36/year.

Currently, Text Message Service is only for phones with the U.S number and only one number can be associated with the active CorrLinks account, therefore you can only text message inmates that have been established in your CorrLinks account.

Please note you may incur charges for each message depending on your telephone carrier. Click on the link below in order to sign for this service.

CorrLinks believes in serving their customers to the best if you prefer to speak to one of our executives for any clarifications, click on the link below.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions via

  1. How do I use CorrLinks?

You must join up by agreeing to the terms of service and establishing an account.

If you want to communicate with an inmate at a state or county facility that subscribes, you must additionally fund your account with a Mastercard or VISA credit card.

You will be able to add convicts to your account with whom you desire to interact. To add an inmate to your address book, you will need to know their inmate number.

You can create and send a new message after the prisoner has been added.

  1. Is there a charge for using CorrLinks?

Fees for utilizing this site are determined by agreements with correctional authorities.

This website does not charge the public for communications sent or received by convicts at facilities run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons or CoreCivic (CCA).

Messages from/to convicts at State DOC facilities (Iowa, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Oklahoma) and ICE prisons (Farmville) are charged at the rates specified by the relevant agencies.

  1. How long does it take to receive CorrLinks messages?

Messages can be sent in as little as 20 minutes or as long as an hour, but keep in mind that messages are delivered at the discretion of the institution’s employees.

  1. Can my message be held up for delivery?

The institution’s personnel has the last say on message delivery and may inspect, hold, or reject it just like any other package or letter entering the institution.

  1. If my message is rejected, do you refund the fee?

The charge to send a letter is the cost of transferring the message to the prison, just like any other letter written to convicts at an institution. No money will be reimbursed if the institution rejects the letter.

  1. My loved one is no longer at the facility. Will you refund my balance?

Yes. If all convicts in your address book have been freed from Corrlinks subscribing facilities, you may request that your account be terminated and your remaining money reimbursed. Within 48 hours, they will reimburse your credit card.


Finally, CorrLinks is critical in bridging the communication gap between jailed people and their loved ones.

CorrLinks provides a practical and cost-effective alternative for relatives and friends to keep in touch with convicts throughout their time in jail via their secure email-based system. The Trust Fund Limited Inmate

Computer System (TRULINCS) supports seamless communications by ensuring messages are delivered on time while being secure.

CorrLinks’ effort to giving direct email access to federal detainees indicates its commitment to building meaningful connections and aiding people affected by incarceration’s emotional well-being.

They cater to a varied spectrum of consumers, taking into account family financial constraints and ensuring that text messages are sent immediately to phones Communication is made easier.

While CorrLinks is a dependable communication platform, it is necessary to be aware of institutional norms that may occasionally result in message delivery delays or limits. Nonetheless, the platform continues to

Strive for excellence in customer service, providing timely customer assistance and resolving any problems that may emerge.

CorrLinks is devoted to improving communication opportunities for jailed people and their loved ones as it evolves and expands its services.

CorrLinks contributes to the well-being of convicts throughout their stay in jail by encouraging a sense of connection and support, generating hope for a brighter future outside the limits of incarceration.

Families may stay connected through this platform, bringing support, love, and understanding to people they care about.

Overall, CorrLinks acts as an important link between convicts and their families, reminding us of the need of preserving human relationships even in difficult situations.

As the platform expands, it will likely affect many people’s lives by disseminating words of hope, love, and support across correctional institutions around the country.