From Dollar Per Minute To Pennies Per Minute Prison Calls

Updated on 10/18/2022

Occasionally we like to visit and get to know more about our customers and their stories on how communication with their loved one has changed after using Pigeonly Today we like to showcase Diane Singleton… Her loved one is incarcerated in a different state than where she lives which is likely the case for most And visiting is probably not the first choice she thinks about when wanting  to stay in touch with them. So alternatives are phone calls for a more personal touch and keeping a strong relationship. But even calls from prison can be quite out of the picture if you’re paying 15 dollars each time you receive a call from jail. Diane has been supporting her loved one for a while now, and it came a moment when she had to choose between paying for the calls or having bills paid on time. But that didn’t discourage Diane from finding a solution to help keep their communication strong. In this video, Diane shares how using Pigeonly has made their relationship better… Learn more about how to get  cheap calls from jail.