Get to Know About Jail Inmate Population

Updated on 2/14/2023

Having someone interned in a prison is rather difficult to accept and particularly if you are unaware of where the person is incarcerated.

Fortunately, life for those related to people incarcerated as well as the detainees has become much easier today as prisons are now renamed as correctional homes and rather than punishment rehabilitation has become the focus.

It has become quite easy to locate your loved one with the help of Jail Inmate Population Report which is updated regularly to make sure that it is complete and accurate. However, it is likely that the information may change quickly so it may be actually difficult to get the absolutely correct information with regard to an inmate.

You can get help from sites like pigeonly.

Information is not Always Accurate

No department of correction guarantees accuracy of Inmate Population List nor does it guarantee completeness of the information contained.

The names of offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections include:

  • Offenders sentenced to state prison or state supervision
  • Current and prior offenses
  • Offense types including related crimes 

For further information the Department of Corrections may be contacted along with the Bureau of Classification and Central Records.

While concern about connecting with someone you know is one side of the coin, the other side is that the information is made available to the public as well as the law enforcement for reasons of public safety.

Fast Changing Information

 Inmate information changes very fast and the information provided may not reflect the latest information in the   Inmate Population Search . Though an effort is made to make sure that the posted information is correct, it could reflect factual or other errors.

Reliable sources are tapped to process the data provided but there is no warranty expressed about the accuracy or adequacy. You need to know the details of the person you are looking for to be able to zero in on the person.

Use of Database

You need to remember that arresting a person may not mean that the person has been convicted of a crime. Unless you are sure that the person has been incarcerated you will obviously not be able to locate him or her in any database including the   Current Inmate Database

Other things that you need to remember are:

  • that you cannot use this database for any kind of legal action
  • You cannot use the information illegally
  • You have understood and are 

When you use this information it is understood that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms of use of the information that you have access to.

Remember the Following

You need to remember that the list of jail inmates gets automatically updated every fifteen minutes and thus reflects all recent changes in the status of the detainees.

In case you require any specific inquiries about a particular detainee which is not available in the inmate population list you will need to get in touch with the Detention Center staff at the number provided or you can do it through your private legal counsel.

There is a current inmate database which lists people presently in correctional homes and includes the details on their charges and the bond amount as well as booking photo. This information which is updated every half an hour does not however does not indicate any guilt.

Remember that once a person is released from the correctional home your search will not throw up any names.   The list is updated daily and lists the names of inmates who are booked in the twenty four hours starting at midnight of   the preceding day.

So if are looking for information on someone you know has been booked you can check on the search engine to find out whether the person is among the inmates listed. You will get every detail about the persons who are still in custody. Even the race and ethnicity statistics are recorded here.

Remain Connected

It makes a lot of difference to you as well as your loved one to be able to remain connected during the tough times. It really is unfortunate if either you or the other person has been detained in a prison.

However as you can understand it really is not that difficult to stay in touch as well as

  • Send photographs and pictures
  • Send books, magazines, and other reading material
  • Send money to use at the commissary
  • Visit them in person

You need to enter the inmate’s name which may give you several options unless you know all details. At least this is better than not knowing anything at all.

Once you enter the name you will be able to find the rest of the details including release date, or prison location. If you want any further details you need to select the name of the prison which will take you to the website of the location where you can find additional details.

If you are aware of the location of the detainee, that is, in which prison he is located, all you need to do is pull up its website and search to get details of whether the offender is still in custody. If you find that these details are unavailable all you need to do is call the prison and get the status.

If the inmate is released it will not throw up any names. You can do a Nationwide Inmate Search for   Active jail population.  which is made available for you to search for your loved one for free. These sites are constantly updated and have detailed information.    If you have been connected to your loved one during the legal process it is most likely that you already know which prison they are in after conviction.

However, if you have no clue about the entire legal process then at least it gives you some peace of mind to know how to locate them. You can register your name on helpful sites like pigeonly for free, and connect with someone you know or a relative who is detained in a correctional home. 

Once you have access to all the details you can connect with them and send them money, books, magazines and even make phone calls.