How to send money to your loved ones in prison

Updated on 7/6/2023

Before sending money to your loved ones incarcerated in a prison you need to understand why they need money in the first place.

Though their basic essential needs are being taken care of, prisoners often need money to buy supplies such as supplementary food, medical supplies, stamps, letter pads from the commissary or to use phone, computer and get access to emails on a secure system.

While inmates may earn an hourly wage after being assigned to a work detail in prison, the amount can be quite low – sometimes just a few cents an hour. As Inmates are not allowed to have cash, they use an inmate account within the institution known as commissary account for all transactions.

If you are thinking of how best to send money, there are a number of  different ways.

But before that, there are several key things you will need to know: Inmates full committed name, Inmates identification number and Current location of the inmate.

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Friends and family members can get in touch with the inmates but there a number of restrictions involved and bypassing these can leave a mental strain on you and your loved one in prison.

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