Locate and Connect With Your Loved Ones in Prison

Updated on 7/6/2023

As times change so do situations and rules. Inmates at prisons were kept locked up in the past and released when their time was up. Simply speaking, the whole thing was incarceration based on punishment.

In present times jails which today are called correctional facilities and rightly so follow a system of rehabilitation, which focuses on finding out why the crime was committed and then making the effort to rehabilitate the inmate after classification.

For those whose friends or family have been incarcerated, life is difficult especially if you do not know where they are. However, there is no reason to lose hope since there are ways to locate them and get in touch through facilities like Prison Inmate Search.

Finding your inmate

You may not know where your friend or family has been incarcerated but there is no need to panic. There are several ways to reach them. You need to look for the Best Way to Find Someone in Jail and find them. You need to go online to find an Inmate Locator Guide and follow the guidelines provided to be able to locate the person you are looking for.

 You should have some information at hand when searching for an inmate:

  • The complete legal name
  • The date of birth
  • The state they’re being held in

Once you enter the inmate’s name you will find details of inmates’ names, age, sex, ID number, race, and release date, or prison location. Once you select the prison’s name, it will take you to the website of the location where you can find additional details.

If you already know which prison the inmate is located at, you can just pull up its website and search to get details of whether the offender is still in custody. If you find that these details are unavailable all you need to do is call the prison and get the status.  

You can do a Nationwide Inmate Search on the best resources available to search your loved one for free. These sites are constantly updated and have detailed information.

If you have located your loved one, you can

  • Send photographs and pictures
  • Send books, magazines, and other reading material
  • Send money to use at the commissary
  • Visit them in person

 If you have been with your loved one during the entire legal process you would most probably know where they are after conviction but if you have been apart then you now know how to locate them. Register your name on helpful sites such as pigeonly for free, to be able to connect with someone you know is in a correctional home. Following this you can choose whatever service you require before committing to any payment plan.

Why Pigeonly is helpful

Let’s take a look at the issues you may face if you don’t have additional details. If you are searching by name only, remember that a common name without additional details will throw up a large number of search results in a government website.

Now going to a search engine you will find that the number of results that come up is 100 so a large number of people with the same name may not have shown up at all. You can narrow down by entering even basic details like age, sex and race.

There is nothing like it if you know the various identification numbers connected to the inmate. Since these numbers are unique to one person it is easy to locate the person you want to connect to.

This is where pigeonly comes in handy. You can make use of pigeonly’s inmate locator to find your inmate in any facility. Once you find the person you want to connect with mix and match the services of pigeonly that best suits your need.

Now that you have found the person you were looking for you would definitely want to connect and what could be the best way but to make a call. Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Talking should be cheap but it isn’t. However, pigeonly makes sure you get cheap unlimited jail calls so that it is possible to accept your loved ones call without any worries.

 Pigeonly is an easy, affordable, and fast service app for your mobile which will help you with all the required information about your person and help you connect with secure unlimited jail calls. All you have to do is choose the correct service including the collect call service.

They will help even though the signals may be jammed elsewhere. If an inmate calls, it goes directly to pigeonly and they connect to your cell, landline or Skype. If you want the services cancelled when you don’t require them any further just connect to the website and cancel without tedious paperwork or fees.

Other Services of Pigeonly

Pigeonly provides you with other services too. These are

  • Sending Cash: Your loved one may be in need of cash though incarcerated.  There is no bank transfer provision in prison. Pigeonly will help you to send cash to your inmate easily and you can be sure that it reaches the right person.
  • When in prison an inmate misses his family and things going on in the family. You can keep them informed and involves by sending photographs. It really makes a difference that the family considers them as a part in spite of what may have happened and is motivating too.
  •  Life does not stand still even if someone you love is in a prison, not even your partner. When you are going out with other members in the family or even your children, you can send postcards to inform about your well being and letting the inmate know that you are remembering them.  
  • If your loved one was not in prison, you would be celebrating occasions together. Now that one is not near the occasion may not be celebrated with fan fare but sending a greeting card will help the inmate feel better because he or she is alone in prison.  
  •  Being in prison means that one is cut off from the world outside and is not connected to what is happening in the world outside. It would really be a wonderful idea to provide information about all that is happening by simply taking screenshots of articles in whatever the inmate is interested in and passing it on to pigeonly. They will do the rest. This is a low period in their lives but this connection will help them survive the ordeal.

Now connect with your loved one who may unfortunately be in prison with the help of pigeonly. Though away from you yet just calling or sending cash, photographs and news keeps the relationship alive and helps both of you to feel good.