Send Money to Inmates Easily to Buy Items From The Commissary

Updated on 2/14/2023

To lead a basic comfortable lifestyle, an individual needs some primary supplies like good quality food or personal hygiene products, pleasant clothing, and so on. In general, any surviving human beings need fundamental things to lead a normal life. 

Life in a prison is very difficult. The inmates are convicted in facilities due to the crime they might have committed or due to behavioral issues that harmed the peacefulness of the society or for any such other reasons.

The main aim of conviction is to let them understand the crime they have done and regret it. The difficult life in the prison ensures that after releasing the inmate would not think of any such behavior that might put him back in the facility.

Nevertheless, the inmates in prison are still the persons who can be one of your family members, your friend, or your loved one.

You will not be able to bear the fact that your inmate is being deprived of some commodities which were essential for them.

How can you make sure that your inmate can get some essential commodities that can make his hard life less miserable?

Can you send money in the prison, or is there any store from where they can buy the items that they need? If you send the money, will your inmate receive it on time?

All such questions are obvious to arise in the mind of that individual whose loved one is convicted.

For any such quires, one can depend on  Trusted Leader in Inmate Services which see that your money reaches your inmate on time.

In prison facility, there is a store which is called as a Prison commissary, and it is a type of a store just for prisoners where the inmates can buy the items they need.

Prison provides the inmates with necessary clothing, beddings, and food. For all other things, the inmate has to have money to buy the essentials. There are some inmates who obtain their money by doing some odd jobs in prison or getting money, buy doing chores of other inmates like cutting hair, polishing shoes, and so on.

If your loved one is convicted in any facilities, be they of federal, state, or country, they too might need some money so that they can buy some essential items. You can quickly  Deposit money for inmate online, from the tools available.

The inmate location tool which is available allows you not only to find your convicted inmate but also send money in  Inmate commissary deposit.  However, before depositing the money, get to know why exactly your inmate needs money? Or what are the needs of your inmate from commissary? Or what items does inmate commissary have? Or how can you send the money that will reach your inmate on time?

For all the above questions the inmate tracking tool has perfect answers, Let’s first see what commissary is and what are the products availed there that are useful for the inmates.

Inmate commissary is a shop inside the facility where inmates can buy various items. Well, the buying or shopping is not like regular shopping where we go to a supermarket, grab the essential necessities pay the money and return.

The facility commissary has different rules. Here the inmates make the list of items needed and stand in the line of the commissary. When an inmates turn comes, he hands the list to the concerned person and waits. The box filled with the specific items needed by the inmate is then handed over.

The commissary provides items like chips, cookies, coffee, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, canned food, and so on. Sometimes, in special cases or on the request to the judges, the things like shoes, writing pad and pen or typewriter, hot pot, a fan can also be made available.

How to deposit or transfer the money to an inmate for commissary?

There is a specific account for each of the inmate known as the commissary account. Whatever money the inmate earns or gets deposited from whoever is outside goes in that account.

There are basically three ways from which the inmate can get money in their accounts.

By working in the facility

By any legal settlement, and

If some relative or a friend deposits the money.

Rules for sending money to inmates account differ from prison to prison, whichever be the way, the common thing is that you have to know very crucial stuff like,

  • Inmates full name
  • Inmates identification number
  • Name of the facility in which an inmate is convicted.
  • The maximum amount to be deposited, as the rules of the amount of money to be deposited, are different for every facility.

You can transfer the money to an inmates commissary account by any means like

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online transactions like pay pal
  • Directly from your bank account to your inmate’s commissary or inmates trust account

You can also transfer money in pigeonly wallet and then fund the inmate’s account or calling account. The calling account is for the inmate so that he can make calls when required.

The money you send goes in the inmate’s commissary account, and once the payment is transferred, the inmate then makes a list of things needs. The items vary from eating items to hygiene products and from accessories like shoes or fans to constructive material like a pen, a paper pad, or a typewriter.

Though there are restrictions on how much money you can deposit in the inmate’s commissary account, still, whatever cash is allowed might be enough for them to own their basic necessities.

The commissary is held twice in a month, once in fifteen days. So, you can send the money twice in the month at very reasonable transfer rates. With the help of

The cash you deposit, your inmate can buy the things which might make is life, less miserable.

Prison life is hard, and you can provide a lot of moral support as well as money to go through the hardships during the period of their conviction.