Share Valuable Memories With Inmates by Sending Pictures

Updated on 7/6/2023

Life is a journey that consists of many worthwhile movements, highs and lows, and many such incidences that can prove it to be meaningful. The incidences, occasions, and all the little gestures that happen to be part of lives are shared with friends and family.

All together, go through these movements, be they happy occasions or hard times.

But what if your best friend, family member, or spouse is not with you during any such fluctuations in life, due to some unfortunate incidences? What if they

have committed a felony and are convicted? Will they miss what is going on in the outer world? Will they not be able to have even a share of any memorable event in the family?

Well, as it is a known fact that the time stops for no one, you cannot merely avoid celebrating all the occasions. However, you can  send pictures to inmates of any small or big events, by which they will be able to know about what is going on in the family.

Sending pictures to inmates will make them encouraged and energized, the photos will act as a strategic move to keep their spirits up.

Meetings and calls in the jail facility can be allowed at specified intervals, in between that particular time images act as a survivors.

Now the question arises of How? What are the ways to send the photos in jail or even receive  Picture of someone in jail? Will the image that you post, will be received clearly by them or, will it be blurred? Will the photo reach the inmate in time?

Will the picture be accepted by your inmate, or will it go to someone else?

All these questions can make your head spin. But there is no need to worry! There are such inmate locator tools that are more than ready to help in all your inmate related problems. The inmate locator tool helps in many areas like,

  • locating your inmate
  • sending money
  • calling inmates
  • sending letters, postcards, photos, articles

The working of the inmate locator tool is very easy. Download the app on your mobile phone, and provide necessary information about your inmate, the device then searches through the database of federal, state, and Country facilities to find your inmate.

Once your inmate is found, there are a lot of plans available for affordable phone calls to inmates as well as sending them letters, postcards, photos, articles.

Before choosing the plan, you can also try out a free trial to send as well as get a  Prisoner in jail photos?

However, there are some specific rules for sending the photos which must be abided by the sender. One thing you have to keep in the mind that your inmate has been convicted so that they improve their behavior, and hence it is a moral duty to encourage them to do so. 

The  Rules for sending pictures to inmates differ from facility to facility. It would be advisable to follow some basic rules so that the prison authorities do not discard the photos before they reach your inmates.

  • A photo should be printed on a paper with a white background
  • The size of the photo should not be more than 8 x 10 or 4 x 6
  • The paper has to be a plain single, not crumbled or in sheets
  • The number of photos can be from five to ten, not more than that.
  • Avoid sending the photos that contain any nudity or tattoos or any specific logos
  • Avoid sending photos that involve any violence 
  • Enter the inmate’s number on the backside of the photo, so that the photo reaches your particular inmate.
  • The envelope in which the photos are sent has to be white with an only address written on it.
  • Any images that will help your inmate in jailbreak like blueprints, or maps, or any such informative pictures and images are strictly prohibited.

Keep one very important thing in mind that the pictures or the images, you send are seen by many other inmates as well as staff, so send appropriate pictures.

Do not send any picture that might create problems to your inmate

It is not advisable to send the picture of your inmate or any other person with a criminal record.

You are sending the photos to your inmate to encourage them and keep their spirits high and hence do on send any such image that might disturb them or persuade them to commit any criminal activity.

In general, the pattern to send the pictures or images in the facility is, upload the images or photos from your computer or laptop and post, and the inmate locator tool will then take care of the rest procedure.

The device will ensure that the photos sent by you reach your inmate as it is and as soon as possible.

All the laws about sending the photos not only differ from prison to prison but also from which charge your inmate is convicted. It is the best idea to contact jail authorities and act accordingly.

So what should you send them?

Send them family photos which will make them happy and in their best behavior Make a thing sure before sending, that the photo should contain images of those people who are allowed visitations to the inmates in jail

Send photos of special events that would be appreciated by your inmate By sending such images, you will ensure the inmate that once they are released, they will be joining you in such events Most importantly, if you have kids, send their hand drawn pictures.

This act will make them feel that their kids are missing them, and once released, all would be able to be fa family once again. Make sure that the drawings are on plain white paper.

Sending photos is a way of telling them that you all miss them and are eagerly waiting for them.

Send photos, images, or pictures to your loved inmates with the inmate locator tool and be least assured that the clear photo images would reach them on time.