Stay connected to your loved ones

Updated on 7/6/2023

Stay connected to your loved ones, talk unlimited

Pigeonly understands your need to stay in touch with your incarcerated loved ones and to keep the inmates updated with news of the outside world.

After successfully finding your inmate using inmate locator, your need to stay in touch with them apprising them of every experience they miss takes center stage.

But all those who talk to their inmates on phone know that the cost of every passing minute burns a hole in their pocket.

The most affected are the vulnerable and lower income groups. Pigeonly is focused on helping families and friends stay connected to their loved ones.

We have taken all the hassle out to provide you with an affordable and easy way to keep in touch with your inmate.

By subscribing to Pigeonly Talk Time, you get the lowest inmate phone rate possible. We will provide you with a prison-approved best rate number your inmate will use to call you.

To do this effortlessly, we have tie-ups with Global Tel Link, and Telmate. That’s it. You can now stay connected with your inmate at the lowest possible cost.

To know more about our Unlimited Talk Time facility, check out the page  You can also send your inmate unlimited photos, postcards, letters, greeting cards and information on any topic. We will make all the arrangements for you, making it affordable and easy.

Normally you have to print and mail physical photos to your incarcerated loved ones. Pigeonly will handle all of this automatically for the family.

Just mail us all the articles you want to send to your inmate and we will take care of the rest.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you so that the inmate doesn’t ever miss a moment.

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