The Free way to send prints to inmates

Updated on 7/6/2023

In this article, we’re going to explain why send pictures to inmates for free is the easiest and fastest way to send photos from your phone or computer to any prison or jail.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that, sending photos to inmates or to write a inmate is essential when it comes to prisoners mental health.

Research also shows that when family & friends write regularly to their incarcerated loved ones it strengthens social bonds and reduces the chance of an inmate ending up back in prison.

Remember each time you send real photos or postal mail to an inmate it will make him or her feel special, like receiving gifts on a holiday because mail from a loved one is often not a common thing inmates receive.

Sending an inmate photos can be a hassle even if you have sent mail to an inmate before, the reason being is facilities change their rules at any time without notifying you of the changes.

This ends up wasting your time & money simply because the photos or mail you sent was not by the rules.

Pigeonly offers the only forever free option to send real photos and mail to an inmate and will always stay updated with the rules at prisons and jails so that you can just focus on the most important which is maintaining that connection with your inmate.

Free Prints To Inmates

  1. Search and find your inmate with our easy inmate locator tool.
  2. Create your Pigeonly account.
  3. Select the forever-free plan
  4. Select Postcard
  5. Upload photo from your cellphone, tablet, or computer

That’s it! Pigeonly will then print high-quality glossy photos and ship them. Once photos are delivered Pigeonly will send you a text or email confirmation.

With Pigeonly you can send free prints to inmates at any facility, it can be a federal inmate, state prison, or county jail.

As a convenience to our customers, we print and ship your photos the same day you upload them because we understand the importance of making sure your mail gets to your loved one in a timely manner.

  • Photos should not include any sexual activity or nudity of any kind
  • No hand gestures ( yes, even the peace sign)
  • Photos must go in a plain white envelope
  • Photos can’t be larger than 4x6
  • Bathing suit pictures can be ok at some facilities to send inmates

This list is basic but is the main rules you should follow to improve the chances of your mail not being denied once it arrives at the facility.

If you would like to know more we have an article that goes deeper into what type of photos you can send to inmates also you can check another article that goes more in-depth about Rules For Sending Pictures To Inmates.

Now you may be wondering how many photos can you send at a time.

Usually, there is a cap on how many to send in your envelope. Pigeonly does not limit how many pictures you can send

But we would suggest keeping it at 5 photos if you don’t know the maximum. You can also call the facility your inmate is located or your inmate might also tell you.

What Kind of Pictures Can You Send to Prison?

  • Special events (birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays)
  • Vacation Trips
  • Family photos
  • Pets
  • Selfies
  • Food
  • Cars
  • Fashion

To add more to the list, the kind of photos you should send your inmate should be more like when you’re uploading photos to social media.

These photos should be ok for the public to see. Keep in mind that your photos will be viewed by the guards in the mail room so make sure that you’re following their rules.

How To write the Address on An Envelope For An Inmate

When you’re ready to write the information on the envelope you must add your full name and your full address in the top left-hand corner, your inmate information will go in the center

First line, will be the full name and the inmate number

Second line, is the name of the facility followed by the facility mailing address. Make sure you have the correct address because the facility address is different from the inmates mailing address.

Don’t forget to add your stamp at the top right-hand corner. Below is an example of how your envelope should look once you’re done.

how to address an envelope to an inmate

Free prints app for Inmates

There are a few free apps you can use to send photos to your inmates, at Pigeonly we have 9 years of experience helping families and friends send their most important moments through prints to their inmates.

To date, we have sent almost 15 million photos to prisons and jails strengthening the bond of inmates with their loved ones.

By using Pigeonly it will help you save all the time in researching of making sure the envelope you have is the correct size as well as the photos.

You won’t have to worry about buying stamps or going to print out the pictures which takes time and sometimes you don’t get your pictures the same day.

Let’s not forget to go to the post office to ship off your mail.


As mentioned, sending photos to inmates for the first time can be a bit confusing.

But as long as you understand all the rules that are necessary to follow in order to not get your mail denied you should be okay, and you will put a smile on your loved ones face no doubt.

To avoid all those steps & regulations, we recommend using a service dedicated to this so that you don’t have to add any more to your plate. We know you already do so much for your incarcerated loved one.