How to write an inmate at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF in Colorado

Updated on 05-29-2024

How to write to Fremont Correctional Facility FCF is subject to Fremont County rules. Each correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. Before connecting with a loved one here, you can find them using a free inmate locator. Pigeonly helps you add money to a trust account at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF and other services.

Fremont Correctional Facility FCF Correctional Facilities

Fremont Correctional Facility FCF
  • • City: Canon City
  • • County: Fremont County
  • • State: Colorado
  • • Facility: Fremont Correctional Facility FCF
  • • Locator: Use Our Free Inmate Locator
  • • Address: East US Highway 50 Evans Blvd, Canon City, CO, 81215
  • • Phone: 719-269-5002

Fremont Correctional Facility FCF inmate lookup

Step 1

Go to to start a search for your inmate. First, click "Get Started" and enter your inmate's first and last name.

Step 2

Make sure to check if your inmate's facility is county, state, or federal.

Step 3

Find your inmate and select from the list of services designed to help you keep in touch.

Step 4

Finally, you'll need to register an account with Pigeonly, and we'll provide you with your loved one's contact information. (Don't worry, registration is completely free!)

What is Jail Mail?

Incarceration is tough. Interacting with loved ones seems to be especially challenging at times for inmates. To make it less difficult for both inmates and their families, Fremont Correctional Facility FCF started inmate mailing so families can stay in touch with their inmates. Sending mail has always been an effective way to communicate with your loved ones. Contact Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for the mailing address. Note dropping off mail is not permitted by Fremont Correctional Facility FCF.

How to Send Mail to an Inmate at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

To send mail to an inmate, contact the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF to check the rules and regulations. Fremont Correctional Facility FCF is strict about their policies because security must be maintained at all times. Contact the facility for your inmate's details such as their full name and prisoner id. Referencing correct information is required when sending mail. Mail to this facility may have to be in a white standard envelope. For more details and help reach out to Pigeonly!

How to Find Someone in Jail

Pigeonly's Inmate Locator is a database containing information about all the inmates facing their correctional period. It is a helpful tool that allows you to find their details, such as their location, the date of joining and releasing, and other information. Fremont Correctional Facility FCF updates their location daily in Inmate Locator to ensure that their details are complete and accurate.

Jail Mail - Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

The Fremont Correctional Facility FCF has a jail mail account where inmates can send and receive mail from their loved ones. To sign up for the service, families need to contact Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for their inmate's ID and name. Signing up is easy, and the facility makes sure your inmate receives all the messages from you without any delays. Fremont Correctional Facility FCF has all the right to detain inappropriate messages and block any user for security reasons. For more information contact Pigeonly.

Smart Jail Mail - Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

Smart Jail Mail connects families and friends with their inmates through online communication within minutes. You don't have to wait for your mail to be sent to your inmate. With just one click, Smart Jail Mail will conveniently deliver your message to them. Contact Fremont Correctional Facility FCF to see if Smart Mail is available and sign up to start communicating easily with your inmate.

Corrlinks at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

Fremont Correctional Facility FCF has verified Corrlinks as their communication partner. Now you can connect with your inmate by signing up with Corrlinks. Contact a Corrlinks agent to register and start sending mail to your loved ones at very convenient and affordable rates.

Active Inmates at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

Every facility has a list of active inmates with details on their correctional period. The facility uses this for transferring and releasing the inmate. To view the status of your inmate, check with Fremont Correctional Facility FCF. The facility list is updated every time an inmate is released or transferred to another facility. For more information contact Pigeonly.

What to Write to Someone in Jail

To write and send letters to your inmate, contact Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for their mailing address and booking number. On the envelope, write the name and booking number with the facility's address. Also, mention your details at the bottom of the envelope. Be sure not to mention any confidential or inappropriate messages in the letter, as every letter is opened, read, and inspected by the facility before it is delivered. Contact the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for a list of prohibited items if you plan to send something to your inmate.

How to Email an Inmate Online - Fremont Correctional Facility FCF

By signing up with Corrlinks, you may be able to send emails to your inmate online. Contact Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for your inmate's details and to sign up for mailing. Make sure to check for any additional rules or regulations.

When Do Inmates Receive Mail at Fremont Correctional Facility FCF?

Mail is delivered Mondays through Fridays, except on legal holidays. There is no limit to the amount of mail someone can receive. However, excessive pictures and letters may delay their distribution. Each letter or package gets screened by the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF before delivery. Letters containing obscene or inappropriate messages will get blocked for security reasons.

Fremont Correctional Facility FCF Mail Rules

Mail rules often vary from facility to facility. Fremont Correctional Facility FCF has no limit for the number of pages in a letter that an inmate can receive. Nothing larger than 8 inches wide or 10 inches tall is permitted. Photos can be sent but must either be on plain white paper or photo paper. Note, Polaroid is not allowed. Sending obscene messages and conducting business by mail is forbidden. All incoming mail needs to have correct details (full name, booking number, facility address). The use of abbreviations in a letter is prohibited. Mail containing pictures or messages outside of the envelope will be restricted and declined.

Jail Mail App

With the Jail Mail app, you can write letters, send photos and money directly from your phone. Fremont Correctional Facility FCF has listed the app both for android and iPhone users. Now with just one click, you can send messages to your inmate from anywhere.

Postcard Mail

Postcards are a convenient way to communicate with your inmate. You can customize your postcard by adding your photo to it, a perfect solution to sending personal pictures without the hassle. Contact the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for the restrictions on a postcard as some facilities only allow photos on the graphic side of a postcard. Nudity, glue, and tape are not allowed.

Inmate Mail Examples

Below are some examples mentioned by the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF for you to follow before sending any mail to your inmates.

Parole Support Letter

These are letters that are written by an incarcerated person or by his/her supporters. Parole letters are official communication letters that should include a letterhead, including the contact information and address of the Parole board. Make sure the content of the letter is correct and appropriate.

Letter of Incarceration

An individual can obtain a Letter of Incarceration from Fremont Correctional Facility FCF record division. Anyone wanting a Letter of Incarceration must come to the Fremont Correctional Facility FCF and show valid ID proof. Friends and families of inmates cannot request a Letter of Incarceration on behalf of another individual. Verbal requests are not accepted to obtain a Letter of Incarceration. An attorney can request Fremont Correctional Facility FCF to acquire a Letter of Incarceration for their clients.

Inmate Letter to Judge

Make sure the letter is professional and does not contain any slang and inappropriate messages. The letter should be addressed to the judge, including their name, title, and address.

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